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Lightnin’ Charlie is a recording artist, author, and entertainer extraordinaire, delivering a cheerful earful of soul-powered roots music, and his mighty mix cannot be described in a few words. When LC is asked what he plays, he says simply, “Good Music for Good People!” But here’s what others say:

“Lightnin’ Charlie tackles everything with a raw and infectious energy that is simply irresistible. A must for all major music festivals!” – Blues & Rhythm (England)

“An authentic American original.” – Rootstime (Belgium)

“Sheer magnificence! Polished with creative soul, rock, and harmony, Lightnin’s boppin’ tunes could bring joy to watching paint dry!” – News & Neighbor

“Lightnin’ Charlie shines as bright and bold as autumn colors!” – Bristol Herald Courier

Lightnin’ Charlie’s atomic-powered, Spirit-filled style, which truly defies description, runs the gamut from blues to soul, gospel to rock ‘n’ roll. LC is in constant rotation worldwide on Sirius Radio (Bluesville), as well as on good old terrestrial radio stations all over the globe. Lightnin’ Charlie’s CDs garner rave reviews everywhere, and his stage show—whether solo or duo (alongside his beautiful wife Beth), unplugged or with the band—has literally become the stuff of legend.

“If Lightnin’ Charlie doesn’t get your party goin’…call it a wake!” – amazon.com

“They [Lightnin’ Charlie & Beth] don’t sound good…they sound GREAT!” – Ricky Scaggs

“Powerful, polished, fresh, and original. Vibrant remakes and superb originals. Lightnin’ Charlie grabs an audience’s attention like a snake-handling preacher!” – Creative Loafer Magazine

“The sound that Lightnin’ Charlie and Beth produce is nothing short of perfection!” – pickinporch.org

Lightnin’ Charlie’s wild and wooly autobiography, Off The Record – The Trials and Tribulations of a Travelin’ Troubadour, is now in its 2nd Edition and is available worldwide in print and in e-book.

“Off The Record is a non-fiction comic book – set in rock ’n’ roll hyperspace – that documents the extraordinary exploits of our hero, Lightnin’ Charlie. Although Lightnin’ possesses no super-powers (other than attracting fiasco and mayhem everywhere he goes), he does have the ability to somehow survive these scrapes, and the audacity to proudly retell them here in this one-of-a-kind, hilarious autobiography. Mild-mannered Charlie by day, when night falls (or trouble calls), that’s when Lightnin’ Man dons his trusty hat and guitar – he never uses a cape – and becomes the psycho-magnet, semi-super hero we know and love as Lightnin’ Charlie. World-renowned singer, songwriter, and musician Lightnin’ Charlie’s insanely funny and poignant memoir is a collection of side-splitting stories and amazing anecdotes from his experiences as a full-time, touring musician, reformed saloon singer, and ultimately is his testimony as a born-again Christian, who has seen—and lived—the dark side. You’ll laugh till you cry at these hysterical, tall and true tales of madness, lunacy, comedy, and truth.” – amazon.com

Voted “Favorite Musician in the Mountain South” for several years in a row, LC is an award-winning musician and songwriter, is featured on many national television music showcases and documentaries, and has amassed legions of faithful fans from all over the world, affectionately known as Lightnin’ Bugs.

“Lightnin’ Charlie plays rock ‘n’ roll and soulful blues just the way I like it! Can’t wait for his next CD!” – Le Cri Du Coyote (France)

“A unique combination of gutsy vocals, smokin’ guitar, and high-energy showmanship. Lightnin’ Charlie is an exceptional guitarist and showman. Simply amazing!” – Carolina Blues Fest Newsletter

“There are only two kinds of people in the world: Those who love Lightnin’ Charlie, and those who haven’t had the good fortune to hear him yet!” – RLRouse.com




2016         SPACECRUMBS


2014          CRIMINAL ROBOTS


2013          SHADOWS


2012          MOMENT


2011          CROMA VICE


2011          TIMELESS