"Behold I have come to make all things new again!"

   Greetings my dear Lightnin' Bugs! I hope this finds you all well, as we get ready to enter the blessed holiday season and embark on a new year. I'm excited and hopeful, 'cause everything's new in Lightnin' Land...we've got a new record, a new e-book, a new live concert appearance airing on national tv, a new website, and a brand new start in the brand new year. Shoot! Even this newsletter is new. A new newsletter...isn't that redundant? Yes, it most certainly is. But I digress (nothing new there!).

   All of this---and lots more trash in flash---can be perused on my shiny new website lightnincharlie.com. If you haven't been to lightnincharlie.com since the relaunch, click on yonder link (here it tis again!) and then tell me if that website ain't slicker than grass through a goose! 

   The biggest news---that you can use---is the release of our new CD "COVENANT". This is the record of my life, and I can truly brag on it because it is not really mine, but His. And what a privilege it was to play and sing on His record! COVENANT rocks, roars, and is wild, because my God rocks, roars, and is wild. COVENANT is simply, the most eclectic and exciting collection of Good News I've ever heard assembled on one CD. And if you buy one, and don't agree, I'll personally refund your money!

   Our first CD Release Party & VIP Show is Thursday December 1st at the Renaissance Center in Kingsport, TN. Beth and I will be performing, showtime is 7 to 9pm and tickets are only $3 at the door. Blue Chip Records will be serving free snacks and soft drinks in the lobby, and we will be singing and signing---CDs that is---our hearts out for you! For more info, click here...

 Wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas, and a healthy, happy New Year!

Lotsa love from your friend,

Blue Chip Records is proud to announce the release of Lightnin' Charlie's powerhouse new CD "COVENANT"!

Consisting of eight originals and four covers, COVENANT showcases LC's soulful singing, his world-renowned songwriting, and his award-winning, fiery blues guitar playing on an incredibly diverse body of songs, and features some truly great guest artists---guys who have recorded and toured with the likes of Elvis, Paul McCartney, Roy Orbison, Muddy Waters, and more. If COVENANT doesn't sound like any gospel record you've ever heard before, you're right! Give the gift of the Good News this Christmas with COVENANT by Lightnin' Charlie.

Purchase COVENANT CDs or mp3s at cdbaby, itunes, google play, amazon, etc. Signed CDs available from lightnincharlie.com


Lightnin' Strikin' in December!

Thursday Dec. 1st | 7 - 9pm
Renaissance Center Theater
Kingsport, TN | Tix only $3
Free snacks & soft drinks

Thursday Dec. 8th | 7 - 9pm
Foundation Event Facility
618 State Street
Bristol, TN | Free Admission

WPWT (870-AM/100.7-FM)
Saturday Dec. 10th | 3 - 5pm
Mountain Music Museum
620 State Street
Bristol, TN | Free Admission

Saturday Dec. 31st | 7 - 9pm
Trinity Baptist Church
Jonesborough, TN | Free Admission
Free finger foods & soft drinks

AND LOTS MORE IN STORE... Check lightnincharlie.com for more shows in December