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Brand new 2nd Edition of Lightnin' Charlie's sensational smash hit autobiography


A collection of side-splitting short stories and outrageous anecdotes from LC's experiences as a professional touring musician. WARNING: this huge volume (8.5X11 and 466 pages) and its moving, tall, and true tales is guaranteed to induce hours of extreme gut-laughter!

Absolutely hilarious! Not for the faint of heart, 'Off The Record' is outrageous, poignant, politically-incorrect, and most of all... LAUGH-OUT-LOUD FUNNY!!! Excello

You (the reader) are in for a real and rare treat! Rev. Elbert Charpie

A gem of a book! RCO3

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“Powerful, polished, fresh, and original. Atomic-powered roots music. Vibrant remakes and superb originals!” – Loafer Magazine

“Sheer magnificence! Polished with creative soul, rock, and harmony, Lightnin’s boppin’ tunes could bring joy to watching paint dry!”
– News & Neighbor

“Rockin’ rhythm and blues and rock ’n’ roll just how I like it. Lightnin’ Charlie's ‘A New Leaf’
 doesn’t have a weak song on it. Can’t wait for his next CD!”

– Le Cri Du Coyote (France)

“An authentic American original, Lightnin’ Charlie, has hit the mark with a FANTASTIC new CD, ‘A New Leaf’. GREAT ALBUM! ***** (5 stars).” – Rootstime (Belgium)

“They don’t sound good...they sound GREAT!” – Ricky Scaggs

“When this amazing husband and wife team raise their voices in harmony, the sound they produce is nothing short of perfection.”

“Lightnin' Charlie and Beth take it straight to my heart. This is gospel the way it should be! I was simply amazed. A great CD!”

“This band tackles everything from Muddy Waters, Slim Harpo, and Magic Sam to Solomon Burke, Hank Williams, and Elvis. They do so in a way that pays homage to these greats without resorting to slavish imitation and with a raw and infectious energy that’s irresistible. Lightnin’ Charlie imbues every track with the power and instinctive feeling of someone who has a
natural rapport with---and great feeling for---the genre.”
– Blues & Rhythm Magazine (England)